Success Stories

How Logiforce doubled productivity

Logiforce is a well-established company based in the UK that organises the distribution of leaflets and advertisement materials for SMB and large corporate clients across England and Wales. Amongst its clients are large names such as Dominos Pizza, Tesco, Co-Operative, Anytime Fitness, and others.

As Logiforce grew its business, reached a peak of six branches across various counties in the UK, the company was focused primarily on ensuring the existing customers remained happy, served with speed and provided with good quality control tools. However, the focus was slipping from new business, and the overall use of technology to provide modern and innovative ways of leaflet distribution while keeping costs and staff effort at a minimum.
Initial efforts were made to hire additional staff and ensure existing managers took on more work. However, the results after many months of struggle were not satisfactory, and focus was lost from securing a proper quality leaflet distribution was provided to training and controlling administrative staff. Managers were unable to manage all needed processes.

When Logiforce discovered that outsourcing majority of its non-core business processes and IT needs will bring administrative costs down while increasing the productivity of its key managers, it enlisted the help of Blue Marble Business. Logiforce found that the ready-made solutions that Blue Marble Business offered were easy and fast to implement while able to customise and change for the specific work it needed.
Between one and three months of sign up, all outsourced systems were up and running including custom CRM software, client portal and Blue Marble Business specialists were trained to a high level to offer front and back-end office support to Logiforce key personnel.

The Directors of Logiforce were most happy that the involvement of outsourced staff was kept to a minimum and that the systems provided were transparent and had all the features needed to measure the actual increase of productivity within own company operations.

The outsourcing of most non-core activities resulted in more than double increase in new customer sign up, retention and high-quality results while the experience for all existing clients has improved and credibility and trust with the company increased. The infographic to the right shows specific examples and numbers of the increased productivity and how Logiforce benefited and transformed into an innovative company embracing technology while increasing focus over the quality control and logistics in the leaflet distribution it does.