Data Processing

Data processing is vital for your organisation. You may work with high or low quantities of fresh data, but you should know that data conversion and data processing is critical to your business and for making the necessary choices. Costs for data entry staff alone can be high and more often than not supervisors, middle management and even senior management end up doing this menial work. This is definitely a cause for concern as the staff is not utilised to the correct level and productivity and focus are lost. This can be very costly to your company and business.

Blue Marble Business can offer you a cost-efficient data processing and entry service with highly trained and reliable personnel that is both background vetted and under constant supervision.

Some of the standard data processing we offer are forms processing, survey, litigation, credit card processing services, large volume data processes.

We can offer any option for data input and output, including processing and entry of data from paper, scan, or data mining. Your output files can be in Excel, database format or any other type you require.

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