About Us

Who We Are


Great things are done by a series of small things brought together

The above (by Vincent van Gogh) is very accurate for what we do here at Blue Marble Business and shows our philosophy, who we are and what we strive to achieve.

Blue Marble Business unites a team of professionals and business leaders in sales, management, marketing, logistics and IT. Our combined experience enables us to offer a large variety of outsourcing services and organise a quick and effective program for almost any type of business and organizational structure anywhere in the world.

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Why Choose Us

Strategic location

Bulgaria is quickly becoming one of the global hubs for outsourcing. The local talents mostly graduate and receive initial work experience abroad, in the West, which provides great economic benefits. We also have an office and representation in London, UK.

The key to success

The combination of our geographical location, recruiting critical team members from all over the country and allowing them to work remotely. This provides you with a choice of the best and most talented and motivated individuals to work on your behalf.

Multi-lingual support

Our location and choice of staff mean we can provide you with outsourcing services in the native speaking languages you require.

Reducing costs and increasing productivity

Our primary goal and focus are to reduce your operating costs for all your non-core activities to enable you to increase your productivity where you need it most.

Fast and reliable start with essential services

Our profound knowledge allows for a short lead time from sign up to operational activities within our core services - call centres, front and back-end offices, customer support, sales and IT services.

Technical support and solutions

Our ready-made options allow you to start quickly almost any operation. Online client portal, customer support and chat, call centre, front and back-end office. We have ready-made technical solutions for you that can be white labelled and personalised effortlessly.


Ilko Tsanev
Managing Director

Expert fields include sales, marketing and business development. Most happy when helping others achieve success. Involved in the overall operations and sales.

Nina Tsaneva
Administrative Department

Extensive experience in business processes outsourcing. Responsible for the organization and day to day running of front and back-end offices, customer support.

Emil Hristov
IT Department

Expert in IT and programming. Project management and hands-on with all software development and IT services.

Our Mission

At Blue Marble Business we increase the productivity of inspiring and leading organisations by serving to focus on what is essential for them because we love and value the freedom to grow and evolve and we want to share it with others.

Our Principles

We are inspired by success.

As a company that is entrusted daily with your success, your values and your future we are guided by principles that we find are reflecting our core values and mission. We strive to ensure that we adopt the values and principles of all our clients and blend in the culture to enrich and empower.

Some of our guiding principles include:

  • Transparency in what we do
  • Accountability
  • Above and Beyond in everything we do
  • Passion in our work
  • Shared Prosperity and Success
  • Co-operation, not domination
  • Simplicity in our sophistication
  • Foster good communications
  • Criticise - if we must - openly
  • Know when to compromise
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Foster realistic expectations